A little history of our game

November 9th, 2011

Hello and welcome to The Show Must Go On blog! We’re going to use this to keep track of news, reviews, updates, competitions, and more, but to get us started I thought I’d tell you a bit about how the game came to be.

I’m Alex Fleetwood, founder and director of Hide&Seek, a game design studio dedicated to inventing new kinds of play. We were invited by the Royal Opera House to come in and explore the potential of games as a way to extend their content, reputation and talent to new audiences. iOS devices – iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches – have have won the hearts of millions of gamers in recent years. And for us, the fact that the cost to develop games is relatively low was very important. So a decision was taken – to take the work of an organisation known for putting on amazing performances of operas and ballets onto a platform where the most popular game is Angry Birds…

To to meet that challenge, we headed to Covent Garden and talked to everyone we could, from the creative director to the wonderful lady who produces the surtitles above the stage. We spent a lot of time backstage, hanging out in different departments, witnessing the amazing craft and attention to detail that goes into every element of the production.

All of which led us to the conclusion that rather than make a game about the people on the stage, we should make one about the people behind it. That we should celebrate the titanic efforts that go into a perfect show. That we could play on the jeopardy, pressure and excitement of the clock ticking toward curtain up. We think that this energy – this manic magic – is what unites iPhone gamers and the Royal Opera House. It’s celebrated in plays like Noises Off, movies like Babes in Arms and Moulin Rouge, TV shows like Glee.

We hope we’ve captured a bit of that feeling in our game, and we really hope that you’ll enjoy playing it.